About this blog

Here, we unashamedly undress Mr. Darwin, offering science porn with a touch of ecology and evolution. It’s important though, that you understand that we use Mr. Darwin only as a surrogate for our interests in ecology and evolution – we have no intention in posting actual pictures of Mr. Darwin without his 19th century outfits; and secondly, that we offer porn that fits on its actual definition, which is regarded as emphasizing the sensational aspects of a subject, and stimulate a compulsive interest on it – which in our case, is the science world around the fields of ecology and evolution. Here you will find posts on anything from stories behind a paper, to ideas behind a software, or discussions and interviews with a well established professional giving career advice.

The views described here do not reflect that of out affiliated universities, or anybody else other than the author.

Enjoy it without moderation.
Leticia & Maria                                      drocks

ps. Cartoon by Dr. Walter Boeger

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  1. May I have your permission to use the brainstorm drawing? I would need how to attribute it to you. Thanks.


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